Things Can Only Get Better……………..Maybe Not

Just a brief post today. Events are happening so fast it is hard to keep up and by the time I get round to placing a post things have moved on. When I say events I’m talking about the sort of issues that have emerged from the Tory party conference.

The party has definitely morphed into a right wing version of UKIP whilst its leader is trying to convince us she’s a socialist with her promises to protect workers and make the nasty capitalist bosses pay their taxes. However her underlings don’t seem to have gone all hug a hoody soft judging by their utterances. Foreign doctors are to be flung out of the country just as soon as we can train up enough English chaps to replace them. Companys are to be forced to publish how many foreigners they employ in order to name and shame them into being more patriotic and employing more Brits instead. 

It now seems certain that we are headed for a hard Brexit with the UK out of the single market. Dr Fox continues to exude confidence with the same certainty of a jumper from the top of a 26 floor building who says everything is going swimmingly, so far, as they pass the 13th floor. Even one of his own MPs has publicly described him as delusional. 

The Fraser of Allander institute has published a report today saying a hard Brexit will cost Scotland around 80,000 jobs. Four British chaps won Nobel prizes in Physics and Chemistry this week, three of whom were Scots (note to John Cleese, stick to the comedy son you clearly know SFA about the ‘half educated’ tenement Scots) and they are obviously very worried about future research funding. One of them even suggesting at this stage that young British scientists should be thinking of working abroad. 

Now none of these ‘events’ have actually happened yet at all and probably won’t for at least 2.5yrs. but the warning signs are all there and all the signs are bad. I just want to pick up on one point. As you know the great British economy is the 5th biggest in the world which is why the delusional Dr. Fox thinks the rest of the world will give us anything we ask for. Today as a direct consequence of Brexit the UK has slipped to 6th. The reason for this is the kind of measurement most often used by those wishing to talk up the UK is based on market exchange rates which means if your currency goes down the pan, like Sterling has, so does the value of your economy. In truth it is not a very sensible way to measure the size of your economy but the Tories, UK economists, UKIPers, Unionists etc., take your pick, do so because it is the measurement that makes the UK look the most important. The IMF prefer the purchasing power parity index which knocks the UK down to 9th. 

This brings us to another clown, our esteemed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. Now many of us were amazed, shocked or otherwise befuddled at the choice of the Tories chief idiot for this particular role as he has a history of insulting just about every country on Earth at one time or another. And so far he hasn’t disappointed us. This week he informed the Tory party conference that Africa was a country, thereby confirming our suspicions that the vast sums spent on young Boris’s education may not have been the best investment of the Johnson family wealth. But it is what he said about the size of the UK economy that is really interesting here. He told us that the UK is the 5th ‘richest’ economy in the world. I’ll bet he believes that. The UK is actually the worlds 27th richest economy. And isn’t that what actually matters? After all the Indian economy is bigger than ours but would you really envy the average Indian his standard of living?

So even before Brexit actually happens we can see that the UK’s economy is slipping down the world rankings just at the very thought of the consequences. Nearly all the richest countries are small nations like Scotland.

So remember that the next time some Brit Nat, Unionist, Brexiter or other generally anti independence punter tries to convince you that Britain is indeed Great and Scotland is too small, too poor, you know the rest dear reader, to be uniquely unqualified to take its place in the pantheon of nations.

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