Moron Of The Day 9

Neil Findlay Left Wing Labour MSP

Neil Findlay Left Wing Labour MSP

Totally Misleading Photo

Totally Misleading Photo

Here we are again with the latest in our Moron of the Day feature. Today’s lucky recipient is Neil Findlay MSP (Labour). His inclusion marks a new departure in this series. He is the first Labour MP or MSP to feature in the series. Another departure is that I normally write these pieces in a ‘ gor blimey look at this twit’ kind of a spirit but today’s is written with real anger aimed both at Findlay and the Express newspaper group.

This is to do with a story in the Sunday version of this right wing arse wiper, it doesn’t deserve the soubriquet newspaper, headlined, ‘Scottish MPs Claim Almost £600,000 of Taxpayers’ Money In Luxury Flights’. The story alleges Scottish MPs, i.e. SNP MPs, are eschewing economy class travel for champagne swilling business class flights and greatly increasing the cost to the taxpayer. The story is total bollocks designed only to smear our MPs. The reality is that the cost of flights to the taxpayer has actually decreased in the last year. There are no airlines flying to London from Scottish airports that offer business class travel. The whole story is exposed and debunked by Wings over Scotland. You can read it here, Please do read it and if you have any friends or aquaintances that read this rag bring it to their attention as a prime example of the daily anti SNP, anti independence or simply anti Scots attacks which are a feature of the right wing press. NEVER, NEVER believe a word you read in the Express or the Mail. If they print that the Sun will rise tomorrow prepare yourself for Armageddon. Just to add to the bollocks you’ll notice that although the story is about MPs the picture is of Holyrood not Westminster, another subtle attempt to link their lies to Scotland. The luxury airplane seat by the way isn’t available on any internal flights between London and Scottish airports because the picture is of seating from an Emirates Airbus A830. Emirates don’t fly internally in the UK. But never let accuracy get in the way of a good anti SNP rant.

So now to Findlay. Findlay decided to link to this story and tweeted, ‘Looks like the party on expenses is in full flow – Mhairi Black tribune of the people loves ‘Business Class’. Why he decided to personalise the tweet with an attack on Mhairi Black I don’t know. But the point is this is, an avowedly left wing Labour MSP who stood for election as Scottish (or North Britain branch as it’s better known) leader believes that it is perfectly reasonable to peddle the lies of a right wing newspaper which wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire, simply to mount an attack on the hated SNP. It seems for a long time now the only policy of the Labour party in Scotland has been to oppose and denigrate the Scottish government at every turn, doing the Westminster government and right wing unionist press’s job for them. And that is moronic.

Anyone observing the ongoing fraternal suicide of the Labour party knows they are in deep shit. It seems to have reached the point now in Scotland where Labour is irredeemable. If the vagaries of the election system don’t contrive to save them from annihilation at next years council elections then Labour is finished. Shed no tears for it is the best thing that could happen to Scotland. For 50 years the Labour party has been the problem not the solution. To have got rid of Curran, Davidson, Alexander, Murphy et al is indeed joyous. The fact is the Labour party in Scotland is redundant, it serves no purpose. The SNP hold the centre left ground and are committed to preserving free tuition, universal benefits etc which Labour would now scrap rather than champion. The Greens are more left wing and if the various factions of the far left ever get their act together again they could regain representation at Holyrood. So the left is well catered for and the Tories cover the right. There is also UKIP of course should the nation ever lose its collective marbles. The Lib Dems? Yeah not worth typing about. So we have no use for a unionist, self loathing, cringeworthy embarrassment like Scottish Labour. And no use for hateful idiots like Neil Findlay.

England is a different story. Since the rise of Blairism the Labour and Conservative parties have morphed into each other creating only slightly different flavours of right wing neo liberalism. Much like the Democrats and Republicans in the US. With the Lib Dems dead there is no balance between different politics, ideas and philosophy. At least until now. Corbyn represents the last vestiges of the left wing of a Blairite party. The battle between the right wing parliamentary party and the left wing membership has been something of a car crash and a gift to the right wing press and media. If the right wing Tory/Labour factions triumph then England is well on the road to becoming as fractured a society and as unequal a society as the US. The upside for Scottish independence is the prospect of facing another decade of Tory rule is unlikely to appeal to any but the most diehard of Ruth Davidsons new followers making indy ever more likely.

In the meantime read the Express and the Mail etc. Nurture your wrath to keep it warm. Remember the morons days are numbered. Speaking of numbers if you aren’t spitting nails already may I remind you that you pay Moron of the Day Neil Findlay £60,685pa.

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