So Who Needs Who George?

The UK governments is due to publish figures later this week that will tell us that ‘real’ incomes could, note could, rise by 4% over the next 30 years as part of the UK. They haven’t trailed what they will rise/fall by in an independent Scotland. They will also ‘suggest’ that exports from an independent Scotland to the rUK could be over 80% lower after 30 years. Now I would sooner put my money on Mystic Megs predictions for the 3.30 at Doncaster next Wednesday than the Treasury assuring me that the sun will rise tomorrow, never mind what economic conditions will be in 30 years time, but we’ll wait and see what they are basing this nonsense on.

What caught my eye in the report was the relevant import/ export figures between Scotland and the rUK. As at 2011 Scotland exported £36 billion worth of goods and services to the rest of the UK and imported £49 billion worth. Now we are often told that the rUK is Scotlands biggest export market, which it is, and why oh why would we want to put up barriers to trade with our biggest market by becoming independent. We’ll leave aside for the moment that the Unionists can never articulate what these phantom barriers may be.

The same folk will tell you the EU is the UKs biggest export market, which it is, and dismiss little Scotland. By the way these same folk will warn us ad nauseam on the perils of the non existant barriers we are going to erect whilst simultaneously campaigning to withdraw from the EU their own biggest market. Go figure, as our American cousins might say.

The point is the EU isn’t a country it is 28 countries (27 when these figures were compiled). So it is really 28 trading partners. Let’s break things down and look at the UKs actual biggest trading partners.

In 3rd place with exports worth £33bn it’s Germany
In 2nd place with exports worth £38.9bn it’s the USA

And in 1st place with exports worth £49bn it’s…… ta ta da! SCOTLAND!!

So poor wee Scotland is actually the rUKs biggest export market. So Mr Osborne tell me again about these barriers to trade. Don’t you think it might just be in your own interests to ensure that trade continues as normal between iScotland and the rUK.

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