Moron of the Day 4

Swivel eyed looney

Swivel eyed looney

Welcome to our 4th Moron of the Day feature and boy have we got a cracker for you today. A grade A1 nutter. This is Lord Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, leader of UKIP in Scotland.

The noble lord in his political role has been taking some interest in the by-election in Aberdeen and was interviewed at the count. UKIP polled 4.8% and lost
their deposit by the way. During the interview he came up with some interesting insights. Some of them may have been Martian insights. Don’t read this standing up, driving or operating heavy machinery. You may find a large infusion of alchohol an aid to your enjoyment.

So let’s begin with our excerpts:

‘Our policy of keeping Britain in the UK’

Off to a flier my lord, you’ve achieved that.

‘Salmond isn’t offering independence for Scotland’

Man’s a fraud, how did he get to be leader of the Scottish National Party?

‘Scotland would have to adapt the now failed Euro’

O.K. so on this point he’s no more looney than most of the BT crowd.

‘People from the SNP’ – ‘You sound English,actually I’m more Scottish than most Scots, go back to England’

Ah, the old English racism ploy. Presumably the people from the SNP who, allegedly, racially abused him showed him their party memberships in order that he could make this claim. Telling people from England to go back to England isn’t racism, just a desire to get them to go away, like you might tell anyone who annoys you to go home to wherever that may be. ‘You sound English’, he does. ‘Actually I’m more Scottish than most Scots’. This is true. At least it is if you consider someone with two English born parents, educated at Harrow and Cambridge, whose entire career has been spent in England to be more Scottish than most Scots.

‘The people who demonstrated in Edinburgh (against Nigel Farage) were SNP’

Er, no they weren’t. They were left wing students, some of them English, protesting against UKIPs policies which they consider racist and anti imigrant.

Now for the pièce de résistance:

‘Salmond was thrown out of the Labour party for being too left wing. He doesn’t like to be reminded of that.’

Quelle bombshell! You’ve been keeping that quiet Alex, you wee devil.

UKIP, the gift that keeps on giving. If you have a little time to spare check this guy out on STV. Congratulations by the way, to Claire the STV reporter and Bernard Ponsonby in the studio for being extremely civil and almost managing to keep a straight face. Check him out on Wikpedia as well, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Vote UKIP, you know it makes sense.

Fake Lord, fake loony (God rest his soul)

Fake Lord, fake loony (God rest his soul)

Real Lord, real loony

Real Lord, real loony

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