Moron of the Day No.3

Michael Gove

Michael Gove

Time to welcome back our occasional series ‘Moron of the Day’. Today’s lucky recipient is The Right Honourable Michael Gove, Conservative MP for Surrey Heath and Secretary of State for Education.

Mr Gove is one of those, ‘people you never knew were Scots’, like Ian Duncan Smith and Tony Blair. What brings him to our attention? It is a report of a speech he made anent (a word now curiously excommunicated by the Church of Scotland. Hang on can’t say excommunicated about the C of S. Expunged, yes that’s better) about Scottish Independence.

He doesn’t want his children to view their “granny and grandad” as foreigners.

Now to be fair to Mr Gove he is not the first by any manner of means to spout this drivel. Along with popularising the phrase ‘not fit for purpose’ we can probably lay this one at the door of John, now Lord Reid. Many moons ago it was he who proclaimed that in the event of independence Scottish grandmothers would require passports to visit the grand weans south of the Tweed.

As if a requirement for a passport was some kind of an argument against national independence. It also ignored the fact that for decades Scottish grannies had been availing themselves of the services of the passport office in order to visit the grand weans in places much further flung than England.

‘’I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that granny and grandad are foreigners. I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that the country that their dad was born in is a foreign land.’’

Yes a fate worse than death. Probably why Cliff Richard, who was born in India, never had children.

This Secretary of State for Education appears lacking in parenting skills if he can’t explain who his mother is. Daddy says, ‘Granny is a foreigner’. Granny says, ‘Daddy is a muppet’.

The rest of Mr Goves speech is the usual mix of we fought them on the beaches, hundreds of years of shared history, stronger together type Brit Nat nonsense. If you want you can read it here,

Speaking of beaches he also gave us this:-

‘‘When this country liberated Europe from totalitarianism it was the stir of the pipes which was heard as the first troops went ashore in Normandy.’’

I think what he meant to say was ‘skirl’ of the pipes, though I could be wrong. I suspect there was a hell of a lot more deadly racket going on than the sound of the pipes but we’ll let that pass. You might also think The Secretary of State for Education would be aware that there were a few folk more than ‘this country’ involved in the liberation of Europe.

The bad news, if you are a Conservative that is, is that this bozo is one of the favourites to succeed David Cameron as party leader. Govo or BoJo, bit of a toss up of the tossers really.

There is some good news and bad news. The good news is that despite the fancy title this twerp is only responsible for education in England. So that’s good news if you are in education in Scotland, N.Ireland or Wales. The bad news is if you are in education in England…..

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