Moron of The Day No. 2


Well this is a suprise. Our new, occasional, Moron of The Day feature has just got started and already we have a double winner. Having lifted the inagural prize John Lamont MSP (Conservative, Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire) roars back after only a week to lift prize number 2. Now I don’t really know too much about him which is probably a reflection of his profile so as he is a double winner I thought I better at least find out what he looks like. Hence the picture.

Now while I am quite happy to trash any politician for their views or their policies I try not to be personal about it. Obviously there have to be some exceptions like Ian Davidson for example. I won’t normally remark on someones appearance particularly as one is not an oil painting oneself, but this guy looks like a twit. And indeed he is or else he wouldn’t be featuring here again.

So what brings Mr Lamont to our attention today? It concerns a story on today’s BBC website regarding the publication of a report on independence by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. Don’t concern yourself if you have never heard of them they are of no consequence. Let’s have a look at what Mr Lamont had to say about it:-

“This thorough and independent report lays out in stark detail the reality of Scotland separating from the rest of the United Kingdom.”

Stark detail? Is there any other kind? as Jack Nicholson might have said. (from A Few Good Men, go check it out yourself, we can’t do everything for you)

Thorough and independent? Judge for yourself. Let me quote from the BBC: ‘The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee is made up of Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and cross-bench peers, but no members of the SNP.’ You just couldn’t get any more independent could you. The BBC might have served some useful purpose by informing their readers that there was no chance at all of the committee having SNP members as the SNP don’t accept peerages. Though I suppose there is an outside chance one might become a bishop of the Church of  England.

“The report exposes the fact the SNP have yet to fully answer big questions on Scotland’s share of the debt, currency, oil revenues or defence.”

Well not really John. Let’s tell you again. Debt: per capita share. Same for assets. Happy to negotiate. Currency: Sterling. Oil revenues: Everything in Scottish waters is ours. Defence: Scottish defence force, approx 15,000 members. Details to follow as promised before the white paper.

All clear now? Please don’t have us have to tell you again John. Listen to the answers.

As  I mentioned at the end of my post when Mr Lamont won his first prize, ‘I thought you would like to be reminded that you pay this clown £57,521pa plus expenses.’

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