Moron of The Day No. 1

This may become a regular feature, there’s certainly plenty of material. Today’s candidate comes courtesy of an article in The Herald:-

The article is by our old friend Magnus Gardham Political Editor, and concerns a story in the transport section of the paper. Quite what the Political Editor is doing writing articles on transport I have no idea except it gives another opportunity to have a go at the SNP. The headline is “SNP under pressure to upgrade A1”. The last time I checked the Scottish National Party wasn’t in the road building business so one assumes Mr Gardham, in his usual inaccurate manner, was referring to the Scottish Government.

Our moron of the day however is not Mr Gardham, though we are sure he’ll have plenty of opportunities to qualify, today’s winner is John Lamont. That is John Lamont MSP, Conservative member for Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire. The A1 runs through Mr Lamont’s constituency and he is calling on the Scottish Government to fund an upgrade following the UK Governments decision to upgrade the remaining single carriageway part of the road in England. So far so good. Here though is an extract from Mr Lamonts comments:-

“Just because the road leads to England is not a good enough reason for the SNP to refuse to find the money to upgrade it” ( For the removal of any doubt neither the SNP nor the  Scottish Government has made any statement saying they think it is a bad idea to upgrade roads that lead to England or indeed from England). 

I thought you would like to be reminded that you pay this clown £57,521pa plus expenses to come up with this moronic drivel. A worthy winner.


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One Response to Moron of The Day No. 1

  1. “Pay this clown £57,521pa plus expenses to come up with this moronic drivel” LOL.
    For goodness sake…

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