East is East

Excerpt from this morning's Herald.

Excerpt from this morning’s Herald.

A small, unheralded (literally as you will hear) triumph this morning. It has been my experience that The Herald don’t like it when you criticise their editorial, their journalists or the media in general. So whilst venting ones frustration with them online may be cathartic it is unlikely to be posted.

Those of you who have read The Heralds main editorial this morning ” Tory U-turn faces a credibility challenge” will have read the following paragraph:-
“Faced with pressure to tackle both the West Lothian Question (Scottish MPs voting on England-only laws) and the Barnett Formula (for working out Scotland’s block grant), the idea of tearing up the latter and introducing a system of self-funding for Scotland looks most attractive. The problem is that someone who has moved through 180 degrees on such a major issue in such a short time appears to lack credibility.”
Nothing remarkable there you might think. Well not unless you had been online early this morning and read the original story which actually read “the East Lothian Question”. You could pop into the newsagent and check out the paper version.  Those of you who know about computing stuff may well be able to locate an earlier cached version. I dropped in a post suggesting there might also be a lack of credibility in a political and editorial staff that didn’t know the difference between East & West. In short order an amended article appeared. Did they put up my post? No. What thanks did I get? Not a sausage.
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