Independence and an end to World Hunger

By chance whilst on a blog today I came across a link that took me to a site on which was displayed the above map. As you can see it is a map of world hunger. Now as I blog on matters relating to Scottish Independence you may be wondering what is the relevance of what to be sure is certainly a very serious problem, to the independence debate. Well wonder no longer. Accompanying the map on a site called British Unity (no I’m not going to give you the URL it would only upset you) was the following message from a blogger:-

Vote NO to Scottish independence and protect the union
I came across an interesting story on the web about how children and adults in many countries around the world are starving to death- it made me think of how selfish the SNP and many of their separatist followers can be, that the first thing on the Scottish governments agenda is to end the United Kingdom, while in many countries just providing the basic essentials to stay alive is difficult.

I think the SNP administration need to get their priorities straight and get a grip of what really needs sorting out. Scotland is not oppressed by the UK government, Scots have homes, food, computers ect, we are not a 3rd nation but a first world nation and while other governments in less fortunate countries have providing food as their number one priority, we have a government in Scotland who puts ending the United Kingdom as their first priority.

It really is pathetic.

Well there we have it dear independence leaning reader, you are a selfish bastard responsible for world hunger. Mind you 300 years of the Union doesn’t seem to have solved the problem either. You have homes, food, computers and apparently you are not oppressed so what are you whinging about? I’m pretty sure not far from where I live there are Scots who don’t have computers, don’t get enough to eat and don’t have a home either. Never mind the Union will provide or failing that the Salvation Army. Speaking of which if you pass a Sally Ann band this festive you may wish to drop your spare change, if you have any, into the collecting tin. There’s usually one to be found on Sauchiehall Street. Then go home, submit to your love of Big Brother, give up all thoughts of your self centered desire for independence, embrace the Union and solve world hunger. British Unity demands it of you.

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